Taxmodeler – an innovative tool for compiling forest management documentation for private forests.

Project objectives:

The TAXMODELER project is concerned with the development of an innovative technology for taking forest inventories, primarily in order to maximise the efficiency of preparing Simplified Forest Management Plans.

In practice, the newly developed technology will enable the computerisation of the following elements of the process of taking a forest inventory:

  • forest characterisation – up-to-date assessment of the main characteristics of a forest stand, including age, tree species composition, growing stock, height, etc.
  • forest stand condition assessment – an aspect not included in Simplified Forest Management Plans. The incorporation of this additional aspect, determined using remote sensing and modelling, into the forest inventory would allow a quicker reaction in case of deterioration of the forest stand condition, which would prevent the loss of forest stability in a particular area, the depreciation of timber, the threat to human life and health, among others.
  • utilisation of remote sensing technology in sourcing and compiling data valuable to the process of forest inventory taking – an innovative method of collecting forest data will be developed using remote sensing technology.

Expected results:

The project will result in the development of an IT tool revolutionising the field of Simplified Forest Management Plans. The process of service delivery will proceed as follows:

  • Modelling of an up-to-date forest inventory using artificial neural networks.
  • Real-world verification of the model.
  • Preparation of the final version of the inventory.

The project will reshape the forest inventory market and it will lead to an increase in efficiency of private forests management.

Total project value: 4 301 042,30 zł
EU funding allocated to the project: 3 357 059,63 zł

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