A wooderful idea!

Our team loves the forest! We have acquired a great deal of experience by realising forestry projects – Forest Management Plans and Simplified Forest Management Plans. Throughout the ten years of our activity in the field we have “managed” hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest.

We are also conducting vegetation inventories as well as tree condition assessments and many more. We provide thorough service!

As to not get stuck in a rut, we are constantly improving our work by introducing innovations (automatization, pursuit of novel applications, fieldwork programmes) and by utilising modern technology (drones, camera traps, high quality measuring equipment). We are mindful of our clients’ needs and open to new challenges. Thanks to our team being flexible and communicative we are able to meet any of our clients’ demands!

If you want to learn more about how our team operates and to keep up to date with our company’s undertakings – we encourage you to follow our Facebook page: Taxus – Pomysł w sam las.

Forest through our eyes

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